Joe Poge ('79)
Joe Pogge (’79)

“I want students to experience all that UH has to offer. From an inclusive learning environment to engaging activities, this scholarship has the full package.”


The Cougar Experience Scholarship is an exciting award that positions students for a more vibrant campus life experience, living in a residence hall and playing an active role in school activities. Besides the lifelong friendships and strong community that living on campus creates, higher education research data from UH shows that students who live in residence halls are more successful in persistence and retention, have slightly higher GPAs, take more credit hours, are less likely to withdraw, and are more likely to finish a degree in four years than their commuting peers.

Through the Cougar Experience Scholarship, our students will be able to pursue the finest education they deserve — and the education they need to contribute value to our great city of Houston and cities around the globe, regardless of financial ability.

To learn how you can contribute to the Cougar Experience Scholarship, please contact Andrea Ward ( or 713-743-7873

Fahad Noormohammed (’19)
Fahad Noormohammed (’19)

“Living on campus provides you with the best college experience ever because it makes your journey easier throughout the first year in college.”