Here We Go Campaign of People

“Here, We Go: Campaign of People”
Photo Mosaic

More than 187,000 people contributed to our historic “Here, We Go” Campaign, raising $1.24 billion to support the University of Houston System. To celebrate this Campaign of People, we are putting together a photo mosaic of the faces of those who have contributed and we need their photos!

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Are You a Part of the “Here, We Go” Campaign? Submit Your Photo Today!

Choose a favorite photo of yourself, or take a new selfie, and submit your photo by clicking the link below. Be sure to include your name, email and, if you’d like, let us know why you contributed to the “Here, We Go” Campaign!

Be sure to submit your photo to be included in the photo mosaic. We hope to use everyone’s photo in the mosaic, but all may not be used.

Need a Photo of Yourself? Here are Some Tips on Taking a Selfie:


Leave some room on the left or right of your head.


Make sure you have light in front of you and not behind you. Natural light is best if you can shoot in front of a window without shadows or sunlight on your face. Same with shooting outside.


Take a few shots and choose your favorite to upload to submit.